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We are about fostering relationships. We are about finding out what someone is capable of when they have a team of people who believe in them. Because you never really know what you can do until you have someone who believes in you enough that you don’t have to at first.

We believe that all women are athletes. We believe in loving your body for all of the amazing things it can do and all the wonderful places it can take you. We believe that running could change your life, because it changed ours. We aren’t a big organisation We are a few passionate people who love what we do. Zoey is the director and head running coach and Kirsten coaches Learn to Run and Run Club. We are supported by Rachel who is our admin whiz and a whole bunch of amazing mentors who volunteer their time to support Learn to Run groups.

If you’d like to read more A great place to start is the blog or the podcast. Zoey tries to post regularly, but if she’s busy coaching, they can get a bit neglected at certain times of the year. We have created a range of programs for coaching new runners, supporting established runners and for in-depth one-on-one coaching for people who want to take their training up a notch. If you’d like to go from the person who wants to love running to the person who actually does, you can check out what Learn to Run has to offer. If you are an established runner but you’d like a support crew, access to training plans and that little bit of extra motivation, give Run Club a go. If you are looking for one-on-one coaching, then you can have a chat to us about True North Coaching. Our community is always free for everyone to join.

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